Road Seven by Keith Rosson (5/5)

“Road Seven” is a magical realism journey during which I laughed out loud dozens of times, but also cried in anger and heartbreak caused by fictional characters. There’s also magical poop and a TV show about lasagna. I happily reread this book four times and of the hundreds of books I’ve read thus far in my life, I can count the number of books I’ve reread even once on one hand. Silly and strange, “Road Seven” is, ahem, a unicorn of a book.
I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

This review is also published on Goodreads, and it appears here in its original form. Thanks to BookSirens, Meerkat Press, and author Keith Rosson for my advanced reading copy of Road Seven!

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Author: Aida Fox Reviews

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