Edge of the Known Bus Line by James R. Gapinski (5/5)

This review is expanded from its original review on Goodreads, which can be found here.

My favorite books are the books that I read and simultaneously see as feature films in my mind. Edge of the Known Bus Line, directed by my imagination against a The Walking Dead-esque aesthetic, was queued up in my mind the entire time I read this novella in the few sittings it required.

This immersive story drips with dread and listlessness, however, I will say that I found the beginning to be slow but the rest of the novella was well worth it, especially discovering all the nicknames the jaded, passive-aggressive, and sometimes just aggressive main character gives to the folks she encounters. The nicknames clearly illustrate the resentment she holds for her new sh!thole-mates, and proves to be a dynamic character. Or is she?

Tidbits about the main character’s background and previous life are dropped like breadcrumbs, and are simultaneously an aspect of this novella that I enjoy and despise. I will not go into detail about the breadcrumbs here, because spoilers, but also because the breadcrumbs simply lead off to nowhere. This bothered me because it seems as though the author purposefully, and masterfully, crafted these backstory details to dangle in front of our metaphysical noses. I might be a little bitter.

Mr. Gapinski, if you ever read my blog for any reason, please give me more of this story!

Thanks to LibraryThing for my copy of this book!

Edge of the Known Bus Line may also be found on Kindle Unlimited.

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