I hereby sentence thee to the DNF pile.

I tell you when to give up on a book.

“At what point do you decide to stop reading a book?”

I’ve been asked this question many times, in many ways, and there’s no correct answer.

It actually took me until this past year to finally decide that my current process works for me: I read the first chapter, and if I want to read the next chapter, out of any emotion at all, I do until I don’t.

If I want to know what happens, regardless of whether I think it’s a good idea or not, because the next chapter could change my feelings, I keep reading.

If I’m so pissed about how poorly I think a book is written just from the first chapter that I naturally must read another chapter to see if this nonsense keeps up, I do. (This, however is probably not feasible for casual readers partaking of a book for funzies.)

I do not, however, keep reading for the sole purpose of return on investment (ROI)…unless I’m getting paid to read the book, then I read it like I love it.

There are too many books, and not nearly enough time to read them, to waste time on a book I’m not enjoying and/or curious about. Those books go to the Did Not Finish (DNF) pile, and yes, I believe a book can redeem itself from the DNF graveyard. More on that in another post, perhaps.

That’s my advice! Do what works for you.

Only happy reading.

Author: Aida Fox Reviews

No, it's not pronounced like the opera. Yes, I want to read your book.

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