welcome to my den!


My blog is currently in its infancy, but I’ve had the idea of blogging my reviews for a long time. Pre-#bookstagram, even! The firstborn review blog was about films but that’s a story for another time, or perhaps my “About” section.

What did folks who read books and wanted to share their opinion about said book DO before Instagram gave my fellow bibliophiles a place to post perfectly staged pictures of books and various related accessories, prompting a collective sigh from every bookseller and book jacket designer who ever wanted to bellow, “YES, you JUDGE a book by its COVER!” (and the cheekier ones to add, “what a NOVEL idea…”)?

That’s correct – sometimes book reviews do not have accompanying glamour shots of the book in question. Gasp. Yet you will see that I am indeed trying my hand at what the kids these days call #bookstagram, however, you will not catch me in the act of asking my books if they’re ready for their close-up.

*stealthily kicks reluctant millennial voice in the metaphysical shin and shoves it under a rug*

Did you write a book? Is it weird, unsettling, and/or disturbing? I’d like to read it! Horror is my very favorite genre, and I will read any horror title with very few exceptions. Other genres I enjoy include dark fantasy, science fiction, satire, absurdism, and short stories. Weird is my cup of tea.